Small Business Recycling For A Big World

Electronic waste represents one of the largest challenges for this world. Every day, hundreds of thousands of electronic waste is irresponsibly recycled and thrown into the environment.

Our approach to solving this problem comes in the form of refurbishing, recovering, and repair of electronic devices. Our niche specializes in computers, laptops, and small electronic devices – but we also recycle all sorts of electronics. For more information about what we recycle, please visit our FAQ page.

Since we are a private company, we are not beholden to stockholders – just our stakeholders: our environment, our employees, our customers, and our neighbors. We are entirely funded by our business operations through sales of the recovered components and refurbished systems.

When dealing with us, you’ll likely find out that we are a small yet enthusiastic team that wants to do our part to help reduce waste, one bit at a time. For any questions, feel free to give us a call, email, or shoot us a message through any of our sales channels.

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