Recycling in 2021
This year has been an already interesting year for us, here at BitRemedy.

Between news about GameStop, the political news, and all sorts of other crazy stories we hear about on the radio between recycling pickups - it's always a changing world out there.

One thing that hasn't changed - is our mission.

"To reduce the environmental impact of electronics waste by creative reuse and recycling."

We still process over 200 computers each month for recycling. At the time of writing, we employ 13 people over 3 teams at 1 warehouse in Murray, Utah. We work with several small businesses and process computers and electronics of all sorts and types.

We have achieved so much despite all the obstacles, and we are looking forward to continuing to serve individuals and businesses alike in sourcing used computers and components.

As of the time of this writing, we generate about 10 pallets of recycling scrap each month.