Reflecting on 2020

A lot of things happened in 2020. 

I know, I know - that's the understatement of the century. Let's try to keep things positive, hey?

For us - we did a lot! 

First, we set out with many goals in mind. We wanted to not only try to double the volume of recycling we handled, but we also wanted to start looking at moving our two small warehouse locations together into one space. 

Second, we wanted to start reducing miscommunication between each branch by using technology to our aid. I know, right? It's almost like we deal with tech every day, but sometimes we forget that there's a whole world out there - filled with all sorts of neat and interesting apps! 

Third, we wanted to start growing our business up a little bit. While we love feeling like the scrappy underdog - fighting the uphill battle against electronic waste, and figuratively being like angsty teenagers in the big scary world of business - we realize this doesn't help us grow or achieve success in our main focus. So we wanted to find ways to write these goals down and try to get things organized for once. 

So, what did we actually do?
We doubled the size of our team. At the start of 2020, we had 6 employees. At the time of writing this, in February 2021 - we have 12 employees (and technically me, the business owner)! Exactly double. This makes my OCD very happy. 

We did this by slowly implementing standard operating procedures. We made metrics to track things. We started heavily using programs such as Slack, 

We got lucky - and we were approved for the PPP loan. We used this exactly how we were supposed to, and took the opportunity to start learning new things so we could adapt.

We did have some challenges - in that closing our front doors to customers left us feeling guilty of something. While we were doing this to limit interaction and help do our part to social distance, we still felt guilty. When one door closes, another door opens, however.

Over the next several months, we started looking into ways to grow our business online - and eventually started watching videos, trying ideas, and eventually talking with other business owners who were succeeding. We heard this many times over - online, online, online. Oh, and don't forget to take care of yourself. 

In May of 2020 - we took the plunge and moved into a new warehouse. We made plans and implemented them. We hired new people and learned from our mistakes. We moved from our 1000sq ft Midvale and 1800sq ft Sandy

Looking Forward
Through trial and error, we've finally arrived at the level we're at today. We hope things continue to go well for us. We couldn't have made it here without you. Our customers, Our suppliers, Our employees, Our community, and Our friends and family - have all made this achievable. 

Please accept our apologies, as we're a small business with limited resources. We make mistakes and aren't perfect, but we'll keep trying to find new ways to keep us moving forward so we can be more valuable to everyone. We'll keep providing parts as long as we can.