Computer Recycling and Purchasing

At BitRemedy, we know disposing of a computer and upgrading to a new system can be a complex process, but we’re here to manage the details for you and help you make an educated decision about a new investment.

Our computer recycling services enable you to safely scrap your old computer in an environmentally friendly manner. Then, our computer purchasing team helps you select a new machine, complete with all of the performance upgrades you need for your home or office.

Computer Recycling: Declutter Your Office

Computer recycling is a safe, smart way to discard an old, broken desktop or laptop. Not only does it help prevent environmental contamination, it also keeps your data secure. It’s time to call us, make a computer recycling appointment and finally load up that bulky, old computer and bring it to BitRemedy’s Sandy, Utah office — we take care of the rest.

Not sure whether your computer can be repaired? Bring in your system and we will see if we can fix it. If we can’t, or the outcome doesn’t justify the price, our free computer recycling services may be the better option. If the computer still holds value, you may get money back if we determine we can refurbish, resell or reuse some of the parts.

Better yet, we help you recycle other electronics too, from TVs to printers and more. While we may have to charge a small fee to recycle certain items, we make the entire process as cheap and hassle-free as we can.

Computer Purchasing: We’ll Buy Your Old System!

Besides computer recycling, our team also specializes in computer purchasing. You know where your current system falls short, whether it doesn’t have the performance power you need for gaming or it doesn’t have enough data storage for your business operations.

All you have to do is contact us and explain how your desktop or laptop isn’t meeting your needs. We’ll provide you with plenty of replacement options. We may be able to offer you a solution from our inventory, or our tech team can custom-build a system for you.

With all of the advances in technology, it’s hard to keep up, but you don’t have to be an expert to make the right computer purchasing decision. All you need are the experts at BitRemedy on your side.

Our Customer Service Sets Us Apart

More than anything, we here at BitRemedy want to help take the headache out of computer recycling and computer purchasing. Make an appointment today for computer recycling or to get more information about our computer purchasing options, or both.