How long is my warranty?
– Purchases on eBay, Bonanza: 45 Days
– Purchases on Webstore: 90 Days
– Purchases in Physical Store: 90 Days – with option to purchase up to 3 years of warranty coverage

What do you Recycle?
– We recycle just about anything electronic related – meaning cables, boards, systems, printers, TVs (flat screen and LED)
– We do recycle old Tube and Plasma TVs – but we do have to charge based on size (about $0.50 per inch).

What do I need in order to sell my old computer to you?
– Must be 18 years or older, or have parent with you.
– Valid form of picture ID. Drivers License, Green Card, or Passport acceptable.
– Be able to prove ownership.
– A Bank Account – or a way to cash a Check from Zions Bank. We do not use cash  for payouts.

What do you Buy?
– We buy laptops, desktops, tablets (Windows or Apple, no Android), servers, network switches, bulk cables, and various other parts.
– Sometimes we buy monitors and screens.
– General rule of thumb – if we can test it, use it, or ship it – we will buy it.
– Desktop Speakers

What do we NOT Buy?
– Televisions
– iPads/iPods/Apple devices that are iCloud locked, firmware locked, running ‘find my device’.
– Random electronics that have been pulled out of somebody’s garbage bin
– Vehicle parts/electronics related to vehicles
– Used Headphones/Bluetooth Speakers

How do you Recycle?
We work with eGreen Environmental, based out of Perry, Utah.
– Everything is broken down into base components and eventually smelted down by our recycler.
– We stockpile about 2-3 gaylords (pallet cubes, about 4x4x4) before we initiate a pickup. For us this is free because we make it worthwhile for our recycler to pick this up.



How do you handle hard drives and personal data?
– If requested, we can physically destroy up to 5 hard drives in person for free.
– If data is an absolute concern, we use KillDisk to securely erase and wipe your hard drives (as long as they function). Once they’re wiped, we get a certificate of destruction – in PDF form – that details Date of Destruction, Method of Data Erase, Serial Number of Hard Drive, and other details to prove the work has been completed. If this is something you need – please inquire within.

“But I heard all used computers are stolen!”
– We purchase most of our inventory from other businesses – surpluses, auctions, liquidations and store closings.
– Individuals that do choose to sell us computers have their contact information and ID added to our system, in the event that law enforcement ever needs to be contacted. We take the law seriously and will never compromise our morals for a quick buck.