Meet the Team

Our mission is to reduce the amount of electronic waste and make a positive change in the environment while improving the lives of consumers.

Sean Sullivan, Owner/CEO

Sean is the founder, owner, and president of BitRemedy. Sean is passionate about making sure that not only the customer is satisfied but also the team of talented employees he leads.

Sean holds a B.S. of Marketing from Westminster College, where he was a former employee of the I.T. Department. After learning how the recycling process worked for electronic waste, Sean saw great potential for something greater than just recycling.

After purchasing some of the computers that were destined to be broken down for recycling, he refurbished many of the computers and was able to make a small business out of his garage.

Sean’s personal mission is to find creative ways to reduce, recycle, and reuse in all aspects of life. Some of his hobbies include entrepreneurism, arcades, and working on all sorts of gaming related projects.

Danielle Vanfleet, eBay Team Lister

When she’s not listing a ridiculous amount of components in a day, she can often be heard listening to Michael BublĂ©.

Shane Stapley, eBay Team Lister

Shane doesn’t have a bio yet.

Cat Rhoads, eBay Team Lister

Cat doesn’t have a bio yet.

Bobby Hampton, Warehouse Technician Manager

“Hi, I’m Bob Hampton, I work at a computer store.”

Suchen Li, Warehouse Technician

Suchen doesn’t have a bio yet.

Oliver Triumpho, Warehouse Technician

Oliver doesn’t have a bio yet.

Kevin Hanson, Shipping Manager

Kevin doesn’t have a bio yet.

Driver Smith, Warehouse Inventory Ninja

Driver doesn’t have a bio yet.