Business Class Computers

Did you know that consumer-level systems and business-class computers are significantly different?

Business class computers have higher-quality components and allow for significantly more customization. You want an anti-glare screen? Check. You’d like longer battery life? You can get it.

Would you like a custom-built, business class computer? Would you like a used system that has all of these features and more? It’s time to call BitRemedy.

What’s the Difference?

Think about it: The average consumer wants his or her laptop to look good. Business customers want their laptops to perform well. Consumers may only need a few basic services — word processing, video playback, picture viewing and internet surfing. Business customers need all of the above and then some.

Companies aren’t going to invest in computer systems unless they’re durable and functional. Company laptops need to be able to survive an extensive travel schedule. They have to handle drops and spills. Desktop systems must boast extensive data security tools and options. They must have the capacity to run the latest professional programs.

Invest in a System that Will Last

When buying business class computers, you’re less concerned about appearance and more concerned about how the technology will stand the test of time. You need cutting-edge features, and you’ll need your entire office to have the capability to keep up.

At BitRemedy, we recognize and understand the challenges you face as a business owner. You have to get the most value out of your technology budget, and we’re here to help. Whether you use our expertise to help you purchase the best, used, business class computers from our inventory or invest in custom-built systems, BitRemedy is the place to go for purchasing advice, replacement options and service repairs for business class computers.

Call our Sandy, Utah office today, and get the answers to all of your questions about business-class computers — BitRemedy has the solutions you need.