Custom-Built Computers

Custom-built computers are more than a passing trend — they’re a necessity when big brands don’t offer the exact specifications you prefer or require.

When you buy a custom-built computer, you’ll know exactly what’s in your desktop or laptop. You’ll be able to easily upgrade and expand your system’s capabilities. Even more important, you will be able to rely on your system’s performance.

Style Your System to Suit Your Purposes

When you buy a factory-built computer, you’re getting a cookie-cutter-style machine that’s designed to appeal to the masses, not fulfill any unique purposes. Wouldn’t you rather pick the exact type of motherboard, hard drive, video card, sound card, speakers, etc., that you want? That’s exactly the draw of a custom-built computer.

Powerful, Long-Lasting Hardware

The stock parts you’ll find in an off-the-shelf system don’t measure up. They’re not designed to last — they’re made from cheap materials and they offer subpar performance.

With custom-built computers, you pick the parts. You can use all new parts, all used parts or a mix of both. In general, when you incorporate used parts into your design, you’ll save money on your system. And if you purchase all the parts from BitRemedy, you get a discount.

You Have Options

If you can’t find a computer system that fits you, it may be because it hasn’t been built yet. The technical team at BitRemedy will built your custom desktop or laptop with care. We pay attention to detail and we don’t cut corners, making us the Sandy, Utah, service company you want to handle your custom build.

Call today to learn more about our past projects, and discover how our custom-built computers can deliver the performance and durability you’re looking for. We offer a comprehensive warranty on all of our products in addition to helpful service seven days a week. BitRemedy provides assurance for the future and ongoing support when you need technical assistance.