Selecting one of our used, refurbished desktops is a smart way to buy a new system — you get peace of mind knowing you’re investing in a computer that’s had the bugs worked out and all hardware and software function verified.

At BitRemedy, we customize and refurbish used desktops for customers with a wide range of computer system performance needs. We can help you find your perfect fit when it comes to desktop technology.

Refurbished Is Affordable

Besides gaining our helpful expertise, if you buy a used desktop, you’ll save money. Maybe you’d like to use the extra cash you’ll save to buy another tech product. Or maybe you’d like to put it in your savings account.

Either way, compare the price of a new desktop at a big retailer to the price of the used desktops BitRemedy offers — we always beat the competition when it comes to cost.

The Glitches Are Gone

Used desktops are beneficial for another reason. You can be completely sure — maybe even more sure than if you’d bought a new computer — that all the glitches have been eliminated and the system is primed to run optimally.

Unlike a computer you’d buy out of the box, used desktops have to pass our team’s rigorous testing procedures before we even consider selling them. And for the most part, the used systems are ones that were initially returned for minor issues that the experienced technicians at BitRemedy fixed easily.

You Can Still Get Warranty Coverage

A common challenge with used desktops is the issue of warranty coverage, but this is another obstacle avoided when you purchase from BitRemedy. Our customers enjoy an automatic 90-day warranty that can be easily upgraded to a one or two-year coverage plan.

Contact us today to find out more about our used desktops and how our team can match you to your ultimate home computer system. We’re excited to help all of our Sandy-area clients get the best value when they need a technological upgrade.